The Pink Ribbon Roadshow

It's October and that means Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I recently had the privilege of designing some graphics for Parkway Prints to raise funds that will directly combat Breast Cancer with the American Cancer Society.  We chose to design shirts for their Pink Ribbon Roadshow events that weren't your average event tees.  My advice to clients who are wanting to do an event based shirt is always to work to make the graphic something they and their customers want to wear regularly, not just to mow the lawn.

The main design we finished with highlighted all of the partners for the series of events as well as celebrated the Kansas City metro and many of the things it has to offer.  If you look closely you'll find the following: 

  • A KCATA Bus and the KC Streetcar.
  • A pair of the iconic Kendra Scott earrings.
  • A baseball, football, and soccer ball for our local professional sports teams.
  • Music note to highlight the rich musical history of the area.
  • The shape of both Kansas and Missouri with a heart over the region.
  • A fountain to echo the city's nickname.
  • A rack of ribs, of course.

Breast cancer is a cause that strikes far too close to home for most of us as it seems everyone either knows someone directly or one step removed who has been faced with it.  Knowing someone who has just recently entered remission and another who, after years of battling, lost her fight when the cancer spread throughout her system.  I'm glad to use my abilities to in someway give back and do some good.  I hope you enjoy the shirt and if you'd like to help you can purchase one here -